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16 minutes, drama (in post-production)

A long-time activist & university professor of 40+ years faces reprimand after a passionate in-class response to an "ageist comment" is caught on tape, going viral on social media.

*Financed through Canada Council for the Arts

OKAY BOOMER (director, editor)


14 minutes, drama, mental health

Grief-stricken after his wife takes her own life, Gabriel volunteers to search a notorious "suicide forest" for other lost bodies. His vulnerability is tested when, for the first time, he discovers someone alive and wrestling with demons of his own.

THE FOREST (director, co-writer, editor)

DYSTONIA (director, editor)

12 minutes, drama, proof of concept

Based on true events, Dystonia tells the story of violinist James Wong who, while studying at McGill University, is diagnosed with Focal Hand Dystonia: a neurological movement disorder causing the muscles of a player’s hand to involuntarily contract. As he tries to get a handle on his injury, his pride and fear of failure soon take a dire toll on his love life, his involvement with McGill’s top string quartet…and himself.





LARPs (director, co-creator, editor)

2 seasons, comedy, drama

Taking down bad guys,​ shooting your friends, and exploring romance are completely normal during a live-action roleplaying game. However, as these friends discover, they can't keep their normal lives and their play entirely separate.

Amazon Prime (CA):

Amaon Prime (USA):




3 minutes 30 seconds

A woman. Her dog. High definition immersive massively multiplayer interactive entertainment.

CAGED (director)

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